Tiktok Proving It Doesn'T Need Major Label Music

TikTok Proving It Doesn’t Need Major Label Music

TikTok is making waves in the music industry, and it’s trying to prove that it doesn’t need major label music to be successful. The popular social media platform has been experimenting with removing major label music from its service, and so far, the results have been promising.

The hope is that by removing major label music, user engagement won’t suffer. This could be a huge win for independent artists who don’t have access to the same resources as those signed to major labels. It could also open up opportunities for new artists to gain exposure on the platform without having to go through a record label first.

However, there are still some issues that need to be addressed when it comes to artist compensation. Top music labels are asking TikTok to increase artist payouts, compensating acts with a portion of advertising sales based on song popularity. Record labels want their artists to benefit from the success of their songs on TikTok, and they’re pushing back against what they see as unfair compensation practices.

At the same time, many artists are getting fed up with their labels’ demands when it comes to using TikTok for marketing purposes. For record labels, TikTok became the perfect tool not only to promote new music but also as a widespread focus group for testing upcoming tracks. But this can put pressure on artists who may not feel comfortable creating content for the platform or don’t have enough time in their schedule due to other commitments.

Overall, it’s clear that there’s still much work that needs to be done when it comes to how major labels and independent artists interact with each other on platforms like TikTok. As more people become aware of these issues, hopefully we’ll start seeing changes in how these platforms operate and how they compensate musicians for their work.

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