Picture Of Double-Felt Grand Piano To Symbolize This Most Recent Spectrasonic'S Update: The Double-Felt Grand Piano

Spectrasonics Update: Double-Felt Piano

Spectrasonics, a leading software developer in the music production industry, recently announced the release of a new update for their popular virtual instrument, Keyscape. This Spectrasonics update includes the addition of a double-felted grand piano, a highly sought-after instrument among professional pianists and music producers.

What is a Double-Felt Grand? (and Why is it an Important Spectrasonics Update)

The double-felted grand piano is a rare and unique instrument that is known for its warm and intimate sound. It is a variation of the standard grand piano, but with an additional layer of felt added to the hammers, resulting in a softer and more muted tone. This makes it an excellent choice for a variety of musical genres, including jazz, classical, and film scoring.

Spectrasonics Update: Keyscape Double Felt Grand Piano Update

Keyscape’s Double Felt Grand

A Welcome FREE update for Keyscape Users

The new double-felted grand piano included in the Keyscape update was meticulously recorded in high-quality audio and features a variety of articulations and expressions. The team at Spectrasonics spent countless hours capturing the nuances of the instrument, ensuring that every detail was faithfully reproduced in the virtual instrument.

One of the standout features of the new double-felted grand piano is its expressive sound. The additional layer of felt on the hammers gives the piano a unique character and a softer, more intimate sound than a traditional grand piano. The instrument also features a variety of articulations, including pedal noise, sympathetic resonance, and release samples, which help to further enhance the realism and expressiveness of the instrument.

In addition to the double-felted grand piano, the Keyscape update also includes a variety of new features and improvements. This includes a new user interface, a variety of new patches and sound sources, and improved integration with the Omnisphere software synthesizer.


Overall, the addition of the double-felted grand piano to Keyscape is a welcome update for music producers and composers. The instrument’s unique character and expressive sound make it a valuable addition to any Digital Audio Workstation (DAW), and the attention to detail in its recording and programming make it a truly exceptional instrument. With this update, Spectrasonics has once again demonstrated their commitment to providing high-quality software instruments that meet the needs of today’s music producers and composers.

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