Streaming Platforms Compete For Millions Of Creators Worldwide

Streaming Platforms Compete for Millions of Creators Worldwide

Streaming platforms have become an increasingly popular way to consume music and audio content, with giant companies like Spotify leading the charge. However, a new challenger has recently entered the market: BandLab. With 60 million registered users, BandLab is aiming to surpass Spotify in terms of user engagement and creator satisfaction.

Spotify has long been one of the most prominent streaming services in the industry, offering music streaming in over 70 countries and across multiple devices. While Spotify is undoubtedly well established, they recently set out to increase their creator base with the goal of reaching 50 million creators.

BandLab, on the other hand, launched their free-to-use service only six years ago in 2014 but since then they have managed to exceed expectations and gain 60 million registered users as of July 2020. The company also owns several subsidiaries that target different genre fanbases such as Beats1 Radio (which focuses on electronic music) and Metalheadz (which is dedicated to metal).

Unlike its larger competitor Spotify, BandLab offers multi-track recording capabilities with no lossy sound quality or time restrictions – meaning musicians can record longer tracks without having to worry about the sound quality being affected. Additionally, when using BandLab’s built-in tools or third-party plugins (such as AutoTune), artists do not need an extra DAW to produce music efficiently – allowing them access to powerful tools without any additional costs.

Perhaps what makes this platform stand out from others is that it encourages collaboration between musicians through its ‘communities’ feature. Through these communities people can link up with other like minded artists and share ideas – something which Spotify currently does not offer.

Overall, both streaming platforms are competing hard for millions of creators worldwide but with their unique features Bandlab is quickly becoming a formidable rival in the industry. With plenty more innovation taking place within the sector it remains to be seen who will come out on top in this ongoing battle between streaming giants.

Source: Music Business Worldwide

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