Best Baby Apps For New Parents

Best Baby Apps For New Parents (Top 21)

Having a baby is one of the most exciting times in a person’s life, but it can also be overwhelming.

Technology has come to the rescue by offering countless apps that can help new parents navigate this important time with ease.

We have compiled a list of the 21 best baby apps for new parents so you can rest assured knowing you are getting the best advice and most up-to-date information.

Best Baby Apps for New Parents

1. Baby Center:

This app provides new parents with expert advice on everything from parenting tips to milestone trackers, baby names, and nutrition information. You can also connect with other parents in the forum to share tips or ask questions.

2. Wonder Weeks:

This app helps parents identify their baby’s developmental leaps and make the most of them. It also provides insight into what to expect over the next few months and a chart so you can track your child’s progress.

3. Baby Connect:

A comprehensive tracking system, Baby Connect allows new parents to keep tabs on everything from feedings and diaper changes to sleep patterns. It also has a photo album feature so you can store photos of your baby’s milestones.

4. Baby Bump:

A pregnancy and parenting app designed for expecting moms, Baby Bump provides information on the daily development of your baby as well as tips on nutrition and exercise. It also includes a contraction timer and allows you to track your weight gain.

5. WebMD Baby:

This comprehensive app covers everything from pregnancy basics to newborn care, giving new parents advice on every topic imaginable. It also offers interactive tools such as a height predictor, due date calculator, and baby name finder.

6. Baby Time:

This app is great for parents who like to keep track of the little details of their newborn’s life. You can log feedings, sleep patterns, diaper changes and milestones with ease. It also has a photo album feature so you can store photos of your baby’s progress.

7. Dr. Spock:

This app is designed to help new parents navigate the early days of parenting. It offers advice on everything from diaper changes and sleep schedules to nutrition and development.

8. Baby Q&A:

A great resource for expecting parents, this app provides a variety of questions and answers related to newborns, breastfeeding, sleep habits, and more. It also has an interactive chat feature so you can get advice from other parents in the same situation.

9. What to Expect:

This comprehensive app provides new parents with up-to-date information on pregnancy, parenting and nutrition. You can track your baby’s growth and development, as well as find answers to all of your questions.

10. BabySparks:

This fun, interactive app offers a variety of activities for babies and toddlers that are designed to help develop cognitive, language, physical and social skills. You can also track your child’s progress and receive helpful tips from experts.

11. Sleep Genius Baby:

With this app parents can create a personalized sleep plan tailored to their baby’s individual needs. It also offers helpful advice on sleep tips and methods for helping babies get the best rest.

12. Baby Sleep Log:

This app logs your baby’s sleeping patterns, providing valuable insight into when he or she is most likely to go down for naps or awaken during the night. It also offers helpful tips on creating a consistent sleep routine and tracking your baby’s progress.

13. Baby Monitor 3G:

This app turns any two phones or tablets into a full-featured baby monitor, allowing you to keep an eye on your little one from anywhere in the world. It also includes a motion detector, sound and video recorder, alarm notifications, and more.

14. My Baby’s Beat:

This app allows parents to record their unborn baby’s heartbeat for playback anytime. It also includes a soothing music selection that can be used to lull your little one to sleep or help keep them calm during fussy times.

15. White Noise Baby:

This app features a variety of soothing sounds and music to help your baby fall asleep or stay calm during times of distress. You can customize the sound mix and set timers so that your little one gets just the right amount of noise.

16. BabySteps:

This app is designed to help parents keep track of their baby’s growth and development. It records milestones, birthdays, photos, and other important information in an easy-to-use format.

17. My Pregnancy & Baby Today:

This app provides expecting moms with daily updates on their baby’s progress as well as helpful tips for staying healthy during pregnancy. It also includes an interactive timeline to track important milestones.

18. Baby Connect:

This app allows parents to keep a detailed log of their baby’s activities, such as sleep, feedings, diaper changes, growth measurements and more. You can view the data in graphs to easily track your baby’s progress over time.

19. Baby’s Day Out:

This app serves as a digital diary, helping parents capture and share their baby’s most important milestones with friends and family. You can also store photos and videos in a secure, cloud-based album.

20. Wonder Weeks:

This app helps new parents understand their baby’s development and behavior by providing detailed explanations of the major “leaps” babies take during their first two years.

21. Baby Butler:

This app makes it easy for parents to find, compare and book trusted services such as babysitters, nannies, and childcare centers. It also includes a built-in messaging system to stay in touch with care providers.

These are some of the best baby apps for new parents that can help you stay organized and informed.

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